GOA EGM/AGM – Saturday 21st November 2009

At the end of October 2009, members of the GOA (UK) received the Notice and Agenda for the next EGM/AGM, including the Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2008/09.

However, for many, this paled into insignificance on reading the accompanying letter from the President, Flavio Gracias, in which he informed that he had recently been the subject of malicious emails and insinuations from some members including a former office bearer, and that another Board Director’s livelihood had been threatened due to intimidation and false accusations made to his employer.

In view of these allegations, Flavio Gracias felt that after eleven years of serving the Goan community and given the GOA (UK) stability, the time had come for him to step down – although he had 1 more year of his term to run.

Following this intimation to the members, the EGM/AGM held on a wet and stormy Saturday 21 November, had a record turnout of young and older members, keen to show their support for the President and the Board.

The meeting was amicable and lively, with much participation from the floor.  Beside the other business discussed at the EGM, the names of the main perpetrators of the emails – one of whom has since apologised for his actions – were divulged to the members, and they were asked to consider appropriate disciplinary action under Rule 9a with regard to the conduct of the ex-office bearer.

The unanimous opinion of the floor was that he be expelled forthwith.  However, Flavio Gracias, Chair, insisted that the member should be given the opportunity to defend his actions.  Subsequently, a motion was passed requesting that the member be asked to attend an EGM where the membership would decide his fate – as per the Rules of the organisation.

During the AGM, besides the election for the position of President, there were also some office bearers who had completed their 3-year terms so these positions were called for nominations by the Vice-President, Herbert Fernandes.  The President, Flavio Gracias, received a unanimous shout of support from the floor, and he agreed to carry on until the end of his term of office.  The other office bearers were also re-elected to their positions, including that of Social Director, Norma Menezes Rahim.  She was pleased to inform that Alison Braganza had agreed to take on this mantle next year.

Mention must be made that Herbert Fernandes intervened on a number of occasions during the debate to clarify and amplify various points that were raised – much to the satisfaction of the general body.

The consensus at the close of the meeting was that everyone was in unison and happy to give their trust and support to the Board of Directors.   As the saying goes: Onwards and upwards!
Anita Rebello
Public Relations Director