Dear Bernie

Here’s an unsual ‘desi’ cookbook by a prominent Goan, titled “Menus for Everyday Dining – My Family’s Favourites” providing recipes from across the country and presented with striking visuals that capture the flavour of India and the vibrancy and colour of Indian markets.   In fact many of the photographs have been taken at the Friday Mapusa market and in around Goa .

The author Marie Noelle (Chotti) D’Souza was born in Cuncolim, Goa and travelled extensively through the country by virtue of being married to an army officer, now retired, Major General Eustace D’Souza who lives in Bandra (W), Mumbai. Marie Noelle enriched her culinary talent through her travels by meeting housewives from different cultures, who contributed greatly to her already existing love for cooking. She cooked for Indira Gandhi when the latter visited her husband’s formation in Kashmir. She was also involved in a number of charities and was blessed by a visit to her home by Mother Teresa.

This book with 177 menus for everyday dining is a ‘ghar ka khana’ cookbook promising to thrill the family, keep the table exciting and make every housewife smile. All 288 recipes are easy-to-make and do not require extravagant ingredients. For a family that relishes variety, this book offers flavours from every part of the country. The book has been professionally reviewed and rated very favourably. A “cha-bar” launch has been proposed by Oxford Book Store in Mumbai, Kolkata and 6 other cities.

As a special dedication to the Author, who is no more, we have decided to donate 10 percent of the earnings from this book to a charitable organization. Our recommendation is Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity because of the association between the Author and Mother Teresa, though of course you may nominate any charity of your choice.

Please do let me know if you would be interested in buying a copy. The book costs 12 pounds (postage included) and it will be delivered to your home.

For ordering the book, you can email me on with a mention of how many copies and your postal address.
Below is a short synopsis of the book with a visual of the cover.