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The INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION, in the Aldwych, celebrates State Foundation Day

The INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION, in the Aldwych, celebrates State Foundation Day

The Indian High Commission hosted State Foundation Day on Friday 3 May 2024 of the following five Indian States: GOA, GUJRAT, MAHARATSTRA, ODISHA and SIKKIM. The Goan Association (UK) were invited to this event and organised the Goan presentation which consisted of:

  • a performance by singers Lanisha Vaz and Delisha Vaz
  • a traditional Dekhni dance by the Goans R Us group made up of: Rosy D’Silva, Sherona Fernandes, Veron Gracias, Julia D’Souza  and Vincila Carvalho

A contribution of Goan food was also arranged, made up of vegetable patties, chutney sandwiches and bebinca. It was delightful evening and hopefully, this celebration will be an annual event

Indian High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Vikram K. Doraiswami
with Goan performers Lanisha, Delisha, and Rosy & her group Goans R Us

Report of the G.O.A. (UK) Badminton Tournament 2024

by Savio D’Souza, Sports Director.

This Sports season I want to open the Badminton report with ‘WHAT A BUZZ’ and the G.O.A. (UK) Badminton tournament held 13th April 2024 in London only increased this excitement.

In terms of success, It’s so nice to be able to report that G.O.A. (UK) Badminton tournament is one of our most successful sports events for the last 2 years . Building on last years success,we sought to encourage players and volunteers to back up our Annual Badminton Tournament  with a view first to drive community and spirit of competition.  I am pleased to report that we had approximately 75 players and the outcome has been one of most successful tournaments ever, highlights include:

i.    Valenco Pires emerging as Men’s Singles champion  (out of 24 players)
ii.    Dalreen Fernandes winning the Ladies Singles  (out of 10 players
iii    Stanley Fernandes wining the Men’s over 50  (out of 10 players)
iv.   Volney and Dalreen winning the Mixed doubles  (out of 12 teams)
v.    Sean and Valentine winning the Mens doubles  (out of 22 teams)

The tournament also recognised Francis Carrascos, as the oldest player aged 79 and also was inspired by Verona D’Souza aged 77, who as a player had won a medal playing league Badminton. Arguably it is the success of Goa’s talented sports community that we wish to encourage by holding tournaments. As usual, I recognise the amazing encouragement that the G.O.A. (UK) Board of Directors have had in organising these tournaments.

The volunteers list is too large to even start to giving individual credit. However, the G.O.A. (UK) Board of Directors would like to acknowledge Kevin, Neves and Max as well as their families for their on-going support and delivering a service above expectation. Thanks as always to the amazing and dedicated umpires that have contributed to make the day a big success . The amazing supporters as well as Keith Rozario, who coached our young players needs a mention for making this tournament as successful as possible.

Please note that our next sports event is the Carrom Tournament to be held on Monday 27th May 2024.

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