Ruby Badminton 40+ Veterans Doubles Tournament:

The above took place on 5/11/2006 at the Wimbledon Squash & Badminton Club.  Veterans ranging in age from mid 40’s to early 60’s played in the true spirit that befitted their 40+ years and experience in the game. A fun, sporting and competitive (in that order) Sunday was enjoyed by all participants, who were mainly ex-Kenyans & ex- Malawians, all displaying a high standard of Badminton.

Felix Cardozo / Joe Braganza
Steve deSa / Vince Fernandes
Francis Dias / Braz Araujo
Viju D’Souza / Plino Martins
Costa Gurjao / Francisco Carrasco
Gabriel Louzado / Felix Pereira
Conie Mascarenhas / Menino Mascarenhas
Trevor Pereira / Ian Remedios

Gail Braganza / Francesca Cardozo
Juliet Rodrigues / Carrie Fernandes
Lourdes D’Silva / Rona Miranda
Leonie Fernandes / Maf deSa

Joe Braganza / Gail Braganza
Braz Araujo / Maf deSa
Felix Cardozo / Juliet Rodrigues
Francis Dias / Lourdes D’Silva
Viju D’Souza / Carol Louzado
Vince Fernandes / Leonie Fernandes
Conie Mascarenhas / Rona Miranda
Plino Martins / Anna Nazareth
Ian Remedios / Rose Remedios
Costa Gurjao/Carrie Fernandes

Congratulations to:
Mens Doubles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles
Winners Felix Cardozo
Joe Braganza Juliet Rodrigues
Carrie Fernandes Joe & Gail Braganza
Runners – Up Costa Gurjao
Francis Carrasco Lourdes D’Silva
Rona Miranda Felix Cardozo
Juliet Rodrigues

Felix & Joe played a great Mens final match, against Costa & Francis who certainly gave it their best shot.  Juliet & Carrie (sisters) who have been very hard to beat in previous GOA tournaments retained their Ladies Doubles title, while Lourdes & Rona were worthy runners- up. The Mixed Doubles final was family affair with Joe & Gail (husband & wife) playing a superb final beating brother-in–law Felix & his sister Juliet.

President Flavio Gracias presented the trophies and in his speech thanked all participants and organisers and made a special mention of Felix Cardozo who has yet to lose a Mens Doubles final!

The Association would like to thank organisers:  Gabriel Louzado (who represented Malawi in Badminton in the 1974 Commonwealth Games) for conducting the event effectively, Plino Martins for arranging the trophies and Steve deSa, for providing the shuttlecocks and the venue. They also participated in the event, but had to let the best guys win!!