Hi I am one of the British who bought property in Goa after visiting for years,please sign our petition to the British Government and help us.If we loose our home in Goa we loose all our savings and pension fund.Could you please send this out to all your members and ask them to sign it,we need 500 signatures before the British Government will intervene

Thank you

From all the British who have bought

Karen Young

Cornel DaCosta: Goa Land Purchases by Foreigners

25 Jun: From GoaNet Highlights by Cornel DaCosta.  Readers will be familiar with the difficulties faced by British families who have, in good faith and following proper procedures, legitimately bought homes in Goa. They currently seem to be hounded out of such properties by methods I consider devious and unethical. While many of us live comfortably in homes we purchased in the UK, the plight of many Brits in Goa is very sad and uncertain. Consequently, they have now petitioned PM Brown to “resolve the impasse in which properties purchased by foreign nationals were not being registered.”  To read about this click here.  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Goa/Goan-properties-UK-citizens-petition-Brown/articleshow/4689436.cms

There is an element of urgency to this petition as it will help all British citizens, of Goan origin or not who may find themselves in an identical situation regarding purchased properties in Goa. To stand up and be counted, go, before 17th July 2009, to  http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/goahomes