Beverley Shenoy

My name is Beverley Shenoy. I live in Pennsylvania (USA) with my husband and two young children. I have recently authored a novel, titled, ‘Three Pearl Buttons’. The story is about a catholic family living in Mumbai and the life experiences they go through. I was born and raised in Bombay, but left India in 1992 for the Middle East and then America. My book pays homage to the country of my birth and highlights family traditions and summer vacations to my grandparent’s home in Goa. To know more about the story, please take a moment to read the synopsis below.

When Frank dies in a tragic accident, Angela Machado’s world comes crashing down. Not only must she deal with the loss of her husband and pick up the shattered pieces of her life, but she must do so while being heavily pregnant with her third child. Having lived a rather sheltered life, Angela struggles to acquire a sense of normalcy for herself and her three young children. She must face adversity head on and in doing so, she discovers inner strengths that had lain dormant until now.

With the backing of her family she learns to cope with the harsh realities of life and face her fears. The bond of deep abiding love she shares with her three young children-Sophie, Zack and Olivia carry her through the tough times. But it is primarily with the unwavering support of three strong willed women – Lynette her mother; Amy her sister; and Amelia her battle hardened mother-in-law; that Angela looks within herself to allow her past to shape her future.

Three Pearl Buttons is an emotive story of love, hope and self discovery that chronicles the salient events in the life of a middle class Christian family in a small suburb of Mumbai, India. It is a story that empowers women to new heights. It underscores the human condition and the pivotal role that family plays in a young mother’s struggle to survive.

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