Brenda Abranches from Mombasa, Kenya is is urgent need of funds to pay for a major operation that her husband Oliver has just had to undergo.  Oliver is now in Intensive Care and is seriously ill.

An extract from an email from Brenda is given below.  If anybody would like to help her, please feel free to do so.  If you wish us to send the money to her in one large amount, please contact: Bernie Gracias on 020 8723 1322.

On Thursday 9.7.09 a man rang me saying he had a  transfer for me of KES 76,750/- .  He seemed very faint on the mobile.  I asked him from whom it was and he said he did not know.  I took it that he was calling from Diamond Trust Nairobi.   Then he said he was transferring the money to Msa and he would check with me the next day.  He called again and told me to confirm receipt from DTB Msa.  I did , and they said they received it.  I asked who the sender was and they said they did not know.  Then the man rang later and I confirmed receipt.   I asked him again who the sender was but he kept saying he did not know.   Then, in a very official voice, he just told me to take it as coming from Jesus.  I had no more words to say. If it is a remittance sent by one of you, I thank you so much.  Otherwise ,  thank you Jesus for being with me and caring for my needs. God has given me a lot of strength and I know He will not abandon me.

I would be so thankful if you could raise some funds from your friends.

My bank details are as follows:

Correspondent bank:  Standard Chartered bank, 27-28 Clements Lane, London EC4N 7AP
cort code:  60 91 04
Account No    12548305
Swift code:    SCBLGLB2L

Beneficiary bank:   Diamond Trust Bank Limited, Mombasa Branch
Swift Code:   DTKEKENA

Beneficiary account no.     5200015004
Beneficiary Name:        MRS.   BRENDA DOROTHY R. ABRANCHES

You should also enquire about Moneygram  which is much better than Western Union and cheaper.   Need to know  the name of sender:
My name :  Brenda Dorothy Abranches            and  the NUMBER of the remittance.
It shouild be sent to MoneyGram,  Diamond Trust Bank, Moi Avenue, Mombasa.

The Lord wants to be acknowledged and seems to be doing this to me.   This is all so mysterious but God is on my mind for doing this to me.
Do put it on the website  as it will makes us realise God is supreme.

Thanks so much again and will keep you informed.