Carl Mendes

Carl Mendes

Carl Mendes

It is my pleasure to announce that 24 yr old Carl Mendes is the fortunate recipient of the 2009 Know Goa Programme – initiated by the Government of Goa, Department of NRI Affairs through the auspices of the High Commission of India, London.

The opportunity for any 18-28 yr old to discover his/her roots and who has abiding interest in India in general and Goa in particular, and who has distinguished him/herself in various fields, was publicised to many – including the Young London Goans Society (YLGS Home:

Carl is one of the very proactive and busy committee members of the YLGS and immediately sent in his application via the HCI’s website (   He is a skilled web developer who enjoys volunteering within the Goan community in the UK and is currently working on YLGS’ premier event – The Boat Party – which takes place on Saturday 12 December 2009 (see, and will also soon be helping to raise funds for the charity in Goa – Children Walking Tall (

Carl will fly out to Goa on 30 November 2009 and enjoy a varied all-expenses paid programme which includes meetings with Government Ministers and visits to places of interest.  This programme ends on 14 December 2009

He quotes: I would like to thank the HCI for providing me with this fantastic opportunity. Being in the UK, I have lost my sense of identity as a Goan, so a programme like this would enable me to find that identity that I have lost over time and pass this culture down to the youth – they are the future – to help them develop an identity as Goans and by doing that, truly understand and carry forward the Goan culture. As a Goan youth growing up in the UK, I have not had the opportunity to experience what Goa and India are all about, such as their values, beliefs, traditions and culture.

He adds: I would like to thank the GOA and the YLGS for all their support. I ask that we all make a continual effort to support both organisations as the work that they do is invaluable to our community.

Congratulations, Carl – hope you enjoy a truly inspirational, appreciative and fantastic time during the Programme.

Footnote: The IHC, London hopes to repeat this Programme in 2010, so to all young Goans in the UK, do try and take up this opportunity to apply.  No doubt Carl will provide us with some feedback on his return.

Anita Rebello

Public Relations Director