UK: Candy Fernandes: Haringey’s Unsung Hero

Candy Fernandez

1 Jul: Hornsey Journal (page 6). The Power Of Dance. Fifty agile movers strutted in the gardens outside Age Concern Haringey at a Dance Don’t Drop class … Teacher Candy Fernandes said people even got up to dance from wheelchairs … Click here

Jun 2010. Haringey People (pages 26 – 27). The women and girls who work to make Haringey a better place to live were honoured at an awards ceremony to mark International Women’s Day…. Among the 24 award winners -was Goan Community Centre chair Candy Fernandes, who was nominated by 10 different people. Candy was hailed for her tireless efforts in bringing different communities together. Click here.
[Candy is ex-Nakuru, Kenya]

Courtesy of Goan Voice UK