Part of a quote made by Carmen Miranda, a passionate and active voice protesting about the terrible destruction in our beloved land of Goa by the mining industry follows:

The devastation of our forests and water resources, the pollution and siltation of our rivers and agricultural lands, the disturbance and destruction of our wildlife habitat, the irreversible damage to our environment, the 12.000 mining trucks causing 5 kilometers long traffic jams, the death of Mandovi and Zuari estuaries, the health problems caused by dust and heavy metals in the foodchain in Goa, the arrogance and lack of respect for the laws and regulations of the land by the mining industry – these are the issues that we need to focus on, and need to be tackled immediately and urgently.

Carmen was able to display many pictures to support the above at the Goan Festival held on Sunday 25 July 2010 and had a few visitors interested in getting first hand information and the true situation.  She further states:

We need more voices to join our protest and struggles, more capacity, informed people, to join our struggle against the menace of mining industry in Goa. There is no time to waste, as the destruction by the mining industry is rapid and of gigantic proportions. By the time we wake up and get our act together, there might not be any Goa left to save and protect.

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Carmen's Stall at the Goan Festival 2010

Carmen speaking to visitors to her stall