Goan Association UK Table Tennis tournament – October 7th 2023

Today the Goan Association UK Table Tennis Championship took place and we had 30 participants across singles and doubles that took part in the tournament.

Excitement and enthusiasm for the tournament was infectious. Glyn and Andy who were seeded players played very well winning the Men’s doubles whilst newbies from Hounslow Myron and Hadlee  gave the champions a run for their money however had to settle as Men’s doubles Runners Up  .

Glyn also won the prestigious Men’s singles with Hadlee, who wasn’t short of passion  as Men’s runner up. Below is an photograpgh from the tournament.

The other participants played like professionals and displayed good sportsman spirit and teamwork. Lloyd Lobo and his entourage did a wonderful job in making the Goan Association and me look good with a well organised tournament. Richard too helped as a match referee for the championship matches.

Savio D’Souza
Sports Director